Stepping Stones


The Stepping Stones have been created for the really young ones (age 4-8). The content of the two workbooks partially overlap the basic Step 1. Part one of Stepping stones corresponds to lesson 1 to 6 of the manual Step 1, part two begins with mate. After finishing Stepping stone 2, a student can continue with Step 1 extra/plus or the basic Step 2. The answers of the workbooks can be downloaded from our site. See 'workbook answers' in the menu.

Differences with the basic Step 1


  • Larger diagrams
  • 6 diagrams a page
  • Almost no text
  • No reminders
  • Easier exercises
  • Different kind of puzzles
  • Notation not necessary
  • Some topics are split
  • Eddy Sibbing as co-author
  • Recommended age: 4-8