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Are you looking for the best chess book to order online? You will find your perfect book at Chess-Steps. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced chess player, learning new tactics and theories to increase your rating is always useful. Playing chess has a strong correlation with pattern recognition. By training your tactics in our chess books and applying the theories in practice train your increase your pattern recognition skills. Thanks to the structured lessons in the Chess-Steps books, you learn chess tactics effectively. Do not look any further for the best chess books and order now!


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Chess-Steps began in 1987 with teaching chess to children. Since then we have developed our teaching and learning methods significantly by providing new chess books like workbook 'plus' and 'extra'. We have focused on innovative and practical ways to teach people to play chess and provide the best chess books to order online throughout the world. The chess books are a so-called step-by-step method, which means you can do exercises categorized by subject and train new tactics step by step. The combination of workbook and manual creates a school-like situation that is perfect for chess teachers and their students of all levels. You can use these books for self-study as well.


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By following the step-by-step method of the chess books, you develope yourself (or someone you teach) and increase your chess rating. You will learn chess in the most structured and effective way. Do you want to practice first? Use the puzzle corner on our website to try it out. Order your chess books online and discover our successful step-by-step methods.


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