• "I am a full time chess teacher and Chess-Steps has changed my life"

    Elizabeth Spiegel, Brooklyn

  • "Basically all Dutch grandmasters started their
    career with Chess-Steps"

    Stefan Winters, The Hague

  • "The structure this method provides makes teaching easy"

    Antony Fines, Chicago

  • "For fun, I followed the course along with my students and it even made me a better player"

    Lars Johnsen, Houston

  • "I still use Step 6 to step up my game right before a tournament"

    FM Tex de Wit, Amsterdam

Chess-Steps curriculum


Step 1 Rating up to 800
Step 2 Rating up to 1400
Step 3 Rating up to 1600
Step 4 Rating up to 1750
Step 5 Rating up to 1900
Step 6 Rating up to 2100

Books for teaching and learning chess


Teaching or learning chess with a book is a perfect way to increase chess skills. Chess-Steps is a step-by-step method for teaching and learning chess. You can order chess books to learn (workbooks) or to teach (manuals) at multiple levels, in our webshop online. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced chess player, here you will find the most suitable book to learn chess or how to teach your students chess in an effective way.

All the aspects of learning chess in a book of your own level

The combination of workbook and manual creates a school-like situation. All lessons are structured and contain clear goals. The books cover everything from how the pieces move in Step 1 to important endgame strategies in Step 5 and 6. In every learning book on chess that is available in our online shop, most attention is given to tactics. By practicing tactics step-by-step with our books, it is possible to raise your chess skills to expert level. Try it out with some online puzzles we upload every week in our puzzle corner.

Read more about our learning books on chess and order them online

The strength of every Chess-Steps learning book is that it chops all tactics into little building blocks. Solving a chess problem with a subject is significantly easier than a problem without. Not only are all tactics categorized, Chess-Steps offers a search strategy for every subject as well. Students will develop a feeling for tactical positions, a sense for when to be alert and, for example, take advantage of badly placed pieces. We are happy to provide you more information about our learning books on chess, so that you can order the most suitable book online with your targeted results in mind.


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