• "I am a full time chess teacher and Chess-Steps has changed my life"

    Elizabeth Spiegel, Brooklyn

  • "Basically all Dutch grandmasters started their
    career with Chess-Steps"

    Stefan Winters, The Hague

  • "The structure this method provides makes teaching easy"

    Antony Fines, Chicago

  • "For fun, I followed the course along with my students and it even made me a better player"

    Lars Johnsen, Houston

  • "I still use Step 6 to step up my game right before a tournament"

    FM Tex de Wit, Amsterdam

Workbook Extra


Repetition is an important part of learning how to play chess. Going over the same patterns in different situations will help students to memorize and recognize positions in real games. Following a structured chess curriculum is the most effective way to train this skill.  

Learning and teaching chess with workbook extra

The workbooks 'Extra' repeat the subjects of the basic workbooks. Every workbook that you can order online contains new and unique chess exercises. They are highly recommended for students who have trouble with the basic workbooks, before moving on to the next step. Order your workbook extra to train the subjects you struggle with.


The answers of the workbooks 'Extra' can be downloaded from our site. See 'workbook answers' in the menu.