• "I am a full time chess teacher and Chess-Steps has changed my life"

    Elizabeth Spiegel, Brooklyn

  • "Basically all Dutch grandmasters started their
    career with Chess-Steps"

    Stefan Winters, The Hague

  • "The structure this method provides makes teaching easy"

    Antony Fines, Chicago

  • "For fun, I followed the course along with my students and it even made me a better player"

    Lars Johnsen, Houston

  • "I still use Step 6 to step up my game right before a tournament"

    FM Tex de Wit, Amsterdam

Workbook Mix


For those who can't get enough solving chess puzzles! 62 pages with over 700 new puzzles each.

The mix books do not have a theme. Just play the best move.


What is going on?

Which targets can I exploit?

What is my opponent threatening?

Is it time to draw?


You have to think like in a real game.

The mix books are perfect to check if you've really grasped the subjects of a step.

All mix books have reminders in English, French, Dutch and German.


The answers of the workbooks 'Mix' can be downloaded from our site. See 'workbook answers' in the menu.