• Step-by-step learning method
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced players
  • Workbooks available for extra exercises

Develop the best chess strategy step by step

Do you want to learn the best chess strategy step-by-step, with chess books you can order online? You will find the right chess tactic books in the online shop of Chess-Steps. Since 1987 we have developed our own step-by-step learning and teaching method, elaborated in every manual we have published. It will guide you to the best chess strategy in any game situation. Our publications are mainly focused on teaching children to play chess, but over the years all ages have enjoyed our learning method and increased their chess rating. You can develop the best chess strategy by following the step-by-step exercises based on subjects in the book you can order online. We are happy to tell you more about improving your chess tactic with our books and online tools.

Find your best chess strategy step by step and order your tactic books online

Thanks to chess tactic books and online tools, it is possible to develop your skills. However, an effective learning and teaching method is important to keep improving yourself and increase your chess rating. Therefore, we have created and developed the step-by-step method. Depending on your experience and rating, you choose one of the six steps and build your skills from there. You will develop a feeling for tactical positions and will anticipate tactical or bad moves from your opponent. Our books are very practice-oriented and therefore they are perfect for chess teachers who work in a school-like way. The books contain complete scripted lessons for teachers, but they can also be used by self-students perfectly. The combination of workbook and manual, focusing on a structured step-by-step learning process, is a very convenient tool to improve chess tactics and strategies.

Order your chess books online

Besides our basic chess books that you can order online, you can also deepen your understanding of certain subjects when using the extra workbooks. Both beginners and advanced players benefit from the exercises diagrammed in these books, because they can use them to reach new ratings more effectively. Are you curious about our books and learning method? You can find more information on our website, where you can order the right books easily as well.