• Step-by-step learning method
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced players
  • Workbooks available for extra exercises

Chess puzzles online

Chess puzzles, on paper or online, are very useful to train your chess skills and reach new levels. They help you to think ahead and, ultimately, increase your chess rating. Every beginner or advanced player can benefit of solving chess puzzles, both online or in books. Therefore, Chess-Steps offers you the opportunity to train your chess skills by uploading weekly online puzzles. We provide six sets of eight new puzzles every week. You can use them as an extra educational and fun training in addition to the chess books or to find out which Step-level you are at.

Chess puzzles online or in a book?

Are you a chess enthusiast who likes a challenge? We offer you the perfect one in our puzzle corner. We provide puzzles for every level, from beginner to beyond expert. Try so solve Step 1 all the way to Step 8! (Step 7 and 8 puzzles are not available as book). We renew the puzzles every week. Although every form of training will be helpful, solving chess puzzles online has its downsides. In a book you have no other option then to calcute every line. You can not simply try a move. You can not hover with a piece or draw lines, which means you will have to visualize it all and therefore train your visualization skills much more effectively. If you solve chess puzzles online: be disciplined! Do not use the hint button too often.

Order your chess books

Discover new ways of learning chess and increase your chess rating. Find out the way of Chess-Steps applied in our books for learning and teaching chess. The method is a combination of workbook and manual and offers a practical and structured way of mastering chess. You can order your books, from Step 1 to Step 6, in our webshop. Besides the basic workbooks, we also offer a lot of additional books to complete your chess curriculum.