• Step-by-step learning method
  • Suitable for both beginners and advanced players
  • Workbooks available for extra exercises

Chess visualization exercises

A chess visualization exercises book is a useful tool to train your chess skills at various levels. Both beginners and experienced players use this kind of books to increase their chess rating. Because we attach great importance to practice-oriented chess exercises and a structured way of learning, we developed a book that focusses on visualization, separated in different ‘steps’. Chess is strongly connected with the skill of thinking ahead. A well-developed visualization skill helps to anticipate game situations, (bad) moves of your opponent and many more aspects of chess.

Chess visualization exercises with a structured book

Chess-Steps is a well-known step-by-step method for teaching and learning chess tactics. Our book collection includes combinations of manuals and workbooks, which offers the possibility to learn and teach in practice and in a school-like situation. Chess students work towards clear goals by making puzzles in their book with a focus on visualization. Al the exercises are elaborated in subjects, which makes it a lot easier to apply new skills in real game situations.

Order your books online

Discover our step-by-step learning method and choose the book with the level of difficulty that fits your or you students’ goals. Our popular step-by-step method has become popular throughout the world and guarantees every chess player a significant improvement of tactical insight. You can order your books from Chess-Steps in our web shop. We also offer you online educational chess puzzles which we renew every week.